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What is MultiWalk, MultiWalk Pro and MultiWalk Trader?

The MultiWalk strategy development framework makes a distinction betweeen APPLICATIONS and LICENSE TYPES.  There are two applications: MultiWalk and MultiWalk Trader.  There are two license types: MultiWalk and MultiWalk Pro.  It is important to understand the distinction between the two.


When you install MultiWalk, you will notice that there are TWO new applications available from TradeStation’s App menu:


MultiWalk is the primary development tool used to test a strategy idea across many symbols, bar intervals, and walkforward fitness functions.

MultiWalk Trader

MultiWalk Trader is an advanced algo development and strategy management tool. It is primarily meant for the trader who already has algos developed and needs to manage them as a collective portfolio. However, it can also be used to queue up and run several MultiWalk projects as a batch, executing them sequentially one after the other.

License Types

When you purchase MultiWalk or MultiWalk Pro, you are purchasing a license.  The license type activates different features within the applications MultiWalk and MultiWalk Trader.


A Multiwalk license will activate the standard set of features in the application MultiWalk.  A MultiWalk license will not activate MultiWalk Trader features. The application MultiWalk Trader is an advanced tool and can only be activated with a MultiWalk Pro license.

MultiWalk Pro

A MultiWalk Pro license will activate all the base set of features plus many additional features in both applications MultiWalk and MultiWalk Trader.

See the MultiWalk vs MultiWalk Pro Chart for options that are available to each license.

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