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Quick Start Guide

MultiWalk Trader Quick Start Guide

MultiWalk Trader is an advanced algo development and strategy management tool. It is primarily meant for the trader who already has algos developed and needs to manage them as a collective portfolio. However, it can also be used to queue up several MultiWalk “discovery” projects by executing them sequentially, one after the other. By collecting all your strategies together in one place, you can apply the full power of MultiWalk on each project and collect the results in one, unified reporting system.

Entering Your List Of Strategies

Enter the folder location for each of your MultiWalk strategy projects:

There is no limit to the number of folders you can list.

Project Overrides

MultiWalk Trader will use the settings found in each of your projects.  However, it is possible to override various settings if you want to “standardize” those settings across all projects in the list, or have other reasons based on the specific needs of your MultiWalk Trader project.

General Settings

This screen is identical to the General Settings screen in MultiWalk.  These settings will be used instead of those defined in each MultiWalk project.

MultiWalk Project Name And Folder

Give your MultiWalk Trader project a name.  This name will be used as the folder for all MultiWalk Trader data files.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Do NOT create a MultiWalk Trader project within a MultiWalk project folder.  The MultiWalk Trader project folder must be OUTSIDE of any MultiWalk project folders.

Strategy Batch Operations

Set any options that will modify your project run and then click “Run All MultiWalk Projects”.

MultiWalk Project Date Overrides

The walkforward dates will be used as they are defined in each MultiWalk project unless you override them here.

MultiWalk Project Operation Overrides

These settings will override their corresponding settings in the individual MultiWalk projects.


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