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MultiWalk Rollover Monitor

This TradeStation app is lightweight and automatically monitors a list of symbols for rollover. There are no charts to update or maintain. Just one app to run — set and forget it. A popup will notify you when a rollover has occurred. By eliminating bar charts, this significantly reduces the stress load on TradeStation and makes monitoring rollovers easy and efficient.


1. MultiWalk must first be installed to run the rollover monitor.

2. Import “MULTIWALK ROLLOVER MONITOR.ELD” into TradeStation

3. The rollover monitor is self-installing. Just add it to a TradeStation workspace.

It will look for the MultiWalk symbol slippage/commission files in order to populate the first, initial list of symbols to monitor.

When you start the rollover monitor for the first time, you may receive some unknown symbol errors.

This depends on what data subscriptions you have active or are custom symbols and can probably be ignored. They will not be written to the symbol list file or monitored for rollover.

Symbol List File

If you want to customize the symbol list, simply edit it in a text editor.  The symbol list is in the Rollover Folder.  Keep it the same name, or change the name to suit your needs.


When a rollover occurs, you will receive a pop-up window.  The rollover will also be displayed in the Activity Log window.

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