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MultiWalk Pro Pack

The MultiWalk Pro Pack contains components that are used with MultiWalk Pro.

MultiCharts Support Files

Please see this knowledge base article on using MultiWalk with MultiCharts.

Algo Building Block Examples

Two examples using MultiWalk’s Algo Building Blocks capability are included with the Pro license. They demonstrate the power of building blocks as well as use some time tested entries, exits and filters.  Run the projects and see if any of the results work within your trading comfort levels.  Or, run the projects and use the results as a foundation to a strategy that can be modified so that it is within your comfort trading zone.

Two files are provided in the Pro Pack:

  • MultiWalkSetup – MultiWalk Algo Building Blocks Strategy #1 – Example 1.txt
  • MultiWalkSetup – MultiWalk Algo Building Blocks Strategy #1 – Example 2.txt

These are MultiWalk setup configuration files.

To import these configuration files into a MultiWalk project, please see this knowledge base article.

For instructions on using Fixed Input Parameters and, specifically, for these two Algo Building Blocks Examples, please this knowledge base article.

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