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Licensing Options

MultiWalk is licensed to your TradeStation Customer ID.  You can run as many MultiWalk instances on as many computers as you want as long as you log into your TradeStation account that uses the same, licensed TradeStation Customer ID.

If you have multiple TradeStation Customer IDs, then you must purchase a license for each ID since a license is tied to a particlar TS customer ID. Additional licenses can be purchased at 20% off the regular price. The TradeStation ID must be in the same name or spouse’s name or organization name as the original TradeStation Customer ID. You cannot, for example, purchase an additional license for a friend or collegue. They would need their own license. Visit MultiWalk’s purchase page for pricing details.

But in most cases you will only need one license. Please see this article if you want to run MultiWalk on multiple TradeStation Customer IDs.

Please see this article to understand the difference between the types of licenses and applications that are bundled with MultiWalk.


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