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Can I run MultiWalk on multiple computers?

If you are using one TradeStation Customer ID for your accounts, then yes!  MultiWalk is licensed to your TradeStation Customer ID.  This means that the license permits you to run MultiWalk on any computers that are signed in using that TradeStation Customer ID.

If, however, you have multiple TradeStation Customer IDs, then a license will need to be purchased for each one.  See licensing options for more details.  Also see below for ways to use MultiWalk with just one TradeStation Customer ID.  Multiple licenses are rarely needed.

TradeStation Data Logins

You can have multiple TradeStation data logins using the same TradeStation Customer ID.  Most traders have a two — one login for development using delayed data and one used for live trading with real-time data.  Since they both share the same TradeStation ID, MultiWalk can be run using both logins on separate computers at the same time.

MultiWalk Pro and Data Prefetch

If you have MultiWalk Pro, you can also use the Offline Prefetch feature to run MultiWalk on as many computes as you wish, regardless of the TradeStation Customer ID!  Simply go online once with your licensed ID, load MultiWalk and run MultiWalk’s Prefetch feature, and then go offline and run your project.

Do I need a MultiWalk license for my live trading account?

No.  Strategies produced by MultiWalk can be traded on any TradeStation account and any TradeStation Customer ID number.  They do not need a MultiWalk license, nor does MultiWalk need to be installed on your live trading system.  You may, however, need to import the MULTIWALK USER FUNCTIONS.ELD file into TradeStation on your live system.  These are made freely available and do not require a license.

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