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Reporting MultiWalk Problems

There are two possible output files that I use to diagnose software issues:

  1. LogMessages output file (always created in project folder)
  2. DLLDebug output file (do not create or send this file unless I request it)
LogMessages File

The log messages file is automatically created on every MultiWalk project run.  If a MultiWalk feature does not work correctly, generates an error message or actually crashes, please e-mail me (dave@multiwalk.net) the LogMessages.txt file for that project as an attachment.

You can locate this file from Settings –> Project Files/Folders –> Open Project Folder or from your MultiWalk project path (e.g. C:\MultiWalk\Projects\MyNewProject\LogMessages.txt).

Sending the Log File by Upload

You can send the log file by uploading the file to MultiWalk’s private server:

Upload files

Sending the Log File by E-mail

The log file may be too large to attach to an e-mail.  If so, try to compress it using ZIP and send via e-mail:

If it is still too large, you can use a file transfer service, such as wetransfer.com (click “I just want to send a file”, no account necessary).

Once received, I will use the LogMessages.txt to examine, reproduce and resolve the technical issue.

DLL Debug File

The DLL Debug File is rarely needed, so please do not enable and/or generate DLL Debug File unless I request it.  If I do request it, this option will generate additional diagnostic information not found in the LogMessages file.

First, you’ll need to enable the “Developer” screen menu tab:

When using this option, please send the DLL Debug output file after you run the project and BEFORE you exit or run any other projects.  The DLL Debug output file is erased at the beginning of a project run.

There may be one or two files.  DLLDebug-multiwalk-NNNNN is always created.  There may also be a DLLDebug-multiwalkstrategy-NNNNN file.   Please send both files if both were created.

You can send the output file by uploading:

Upload files

Or send via email to dave@multiwalk.net

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