MultiWalk is a game changer for the way I think about strategy development.  It’s particularly helpful in scaling development and exploration.  Due to the ability to test multiple markets and time frames along with fixed variable capabilities, I can now effectively test tens of thousands of strategies at the click of a button using very simple code.  In fact, I’ve been able to develop so many effective strategies in such a short time period that I’ve exceeded my available capital and can’t actively trade even a fraction of them!  MultiWalk is the ultimate tool for scaling strategy development.
Additionally, the developer of MultiWalk may be the “most real” trader and developer I’ve seen.  He is passionate about this tool and goes beyond the call of duty in support.  Anyone using this tool is lucky to have found and doubly lucky to have him as the support.  Not sure how he does it all, but hats off to him!
Tim F

Illinois, USA

I met Dave via Kevin Davey of Strategy Factory Club, during the time when I had explored the research efficiencies with Kevin.  From there, I was introduced with Dave and MultiOpt, and this marvelous tool does exactly what it declares, perfectly fitting into the SFC development process by saving me lots of time and eliminated many careless mistakes during my parameter inputs in my old fashion of operations.

Then, I was very delighted to upgrade from MO to MW, with new features such as unlimited projects in parallel runs to take full advantage of my 6 cores dual threads system.  Also, the feature to stop and resume the project runs at any time is good for me too, as I may need to do some ad hoc things in the system so that I don’t need to re-run projects all the time from zero start.  As an algo trader and developer who trades on my own accounts, I always felt choked by wearing multiple hats from finance to IT, programming, etc., and it’s a blessing that we have a SFC fellow Dave on the same page with us and engineered the building blocks automation together for us. 

It has always been enjoyable to discuss with Dave, and Dave never disappointed me in addressing issues I may have.  I look forward to create more and better strategies.  Thank you !!!

K. Leung

Hong Kong SAR, CHINA

In December 2021, I made a crucial decision for my trading journey by investing in MultiOpt, primarily to streamline my backtesting via Kevin’s methodology. It was a no-brainer for me because MultiOpt not only automated the backtesting process but also allowed me to test ideas across a wide range of parameters, spanning major future markets and various timeframes.
As a fortunate beta-tester of MultiWalk, I can confidently say that I wouldn’t want to go back to MultiOpt after experiencing the convenience that MultiWalk Pro offers. It’s important to understand that MultiWalk is the result of years of meticulous backtesting, feedback from traders like us, feature requests stemming from MultiOpt, and the implementation of innovative ideas. The cost of MultiWalk is a fair exchange for Dave’s countless hours spent debugging, troubleshooting issues we reported (all I had to do was submit log files), and the relentless effort to reverse-engineer problems, locate problematic lines of code, and roll out updates.
MultiWalk Pro empowers us traders with the precision and versatility we crave. MultiWalk Pro offers features that make it a game-changer, such as efficient CPU utilization, safeguarding against data loss when TradeStation crashes, being able to resume a project, the ability to copy trades for Monte Carlo analysis and more! When you delve deep into the world of backtesting, you come to realize the need for flexibility – whether it’s testing fixed variables or experimenting with different entry and exit strategies.
Consider this: MultiWalk is not just a tool to save you time; it is software that aids in identifying trading strategies with an edge, even in markets and timeframes you might have never considered before.  By investing in MultiWalk Pro, you are not only paying to SAVE TIME but also supporting Dave’s extraordinary efforts and commitment to providing traders with a powerful tool for backtesting and strategy development.
Siddharth P.

Connecticut, USA

MultiWalk has some true advantages over MultiOpt. For one, the ability to download data sets and run processes completely offline is great for minimizing network-based errors and running multiple instances in parallel. However, the fixed-parameter input (“Algo Building Blocks”) was a complete game changer to my development process. Armed with this functionality, I am now rapidly testing a given entry idea against 6 market filters, 7 exit triggers, 46 markets, 6 bar sizes across 6 in/out periods. Incredible. 


Alberta, Canada

MultiWalk stands as an efficient and reliable tool, adhering to a proven process for strategy development. It has been instrumental in my strategy creation, outpacing TradeStation’s backtesting capabilities significantly and seamlessly integrating within the TradeStation ecosystem.

One of its standout features is the comprehensive reporting in backtesting, offering rich insights. The tool’s capacity to test multiple assets across various time frames while blending dynamic parameters for Walk Forward tests and static ones for exploring different concepts has been particularly beneficial.

Dave’s support with MultiWalk has been exceptional. His proactive approach and swift resolution of any issues I encountered have been invaluable.

I’m grateful for your steadfast commitment in crafting a tool that revolutionizes strategy development. Your support and MultiWalk’s efficiency are genuinely appreciated.



I find MultiWalk easier to use than MultiOpt with a simpler user interface and more features, but the main reason to switch or use MultiWalk instead is the speed improvement and it’s ability to utilise the computers threads. I was able to run three workspaces at the same time using 21 threads and completing in 12 hours compared to MultiOpt which took over 24 hours.

Robert Pleydell

Melbourne, Australia

MultiWalk for me is a very helpful addition in my strategy creation tool arsenal. A significant and welcome addition to the MultiOpt capabilities is the option of evaluating multiple strategy blocks. This alone represents an invaluable time saver, which allows me to assess what style works better in a given strategy. Another great feature is the ability to pause and resume a lengthy test; believe me it makes a big difference, especially when you deal with a platform (TS) which is prone to…misbehave..

Last but not least, it’s really great to work with a tool which not only is carefully designed, but also supported very effectively; Thank you Dave!



I’ve been trading full-time for over three years now and adopted MultiOpt shortly after beginning my journey. While exploring various approaches to Walk Forward (some of them incorrect), I sensed the need for a better way. Fortunately I found one, and it was immediately evident how valuable MultiOpt was. Reflecting back, I genuinely believe I might not have persevered without the advantages that MultiOpt and Dave offer.

Looking ahead, I’ve been fortunate to participate in the Beta Testing phase of MultiWalk. As incredible as MultiOpt is, having leveraging MultiWalk’s additional features, it would be difficult to revert back.

MultiWalk offers indispensable features that have transformed my entire trading experience. To begin with, I can concurrently test an unlimited number of projects, allowing me to set up 15 projects, (or more) each testing different trading concepts across various markets and bar sizes. The ability to pre-fetch data means I no longer worry about tests being interrupted due to technical issues, saving me the trouble of restarting them and losing valuable time.

I can confidently state that the quantity of strategies, and more importantly, quality strategies, is no longer a concern. This has empowered me to shift my focus towards portfolio development and risk management.

Another significant benefit lies in the expanded selection of Walk Forward Periods and Fitness Functions, along with other enhancements, MultiWalk has opened up new horizons for portfolio stability. MultiWalk’s robustness has even emboldened me to explore smaller bar sizes and engage in higher-frequency trading. I am no longer emotionally attached to my strategies, given the substantial time I used to dedicate to developing just one.

The product is nothing short of remarkable, and the support is exceptional. If I were to start anew with the benefit of hindsight, I can honestly say that I wouldn’t do it without MultiOpt/MultiWalk. MultiWalk and Strategy Factory stand as the two most worthwhile investments I’ve ever made.

Jason D.

Florida, USA

MultiOpt is a great software, MultiWalk is even better! In addition to many improvements in the software handling, the ability to define fixed parameters is a huge increase of efficiency. Fixed parameters is my favorite feature. This allows one-step testing of different entries and exits in one strategy. MultiWalk Trader adds the ability to run several MultiWalk projects in a batch.  This makes walkforward testing very efficient. I also use Multicharts, so I very much appreciate the option to create MC compatible code. MultiWalk is an essential part of my algorithmic trading and development process. I use it mainly to apply my self-developed strategies or the ones extracted from the internet, books or other sources to a set of instruments and intervals in order to identify candidates for tradable strategies.

Eduard C.


MultiWalk has a streamlined user interface that better matches the workflow compared to MultiOpt and offers more user customization capability.  I like the ability to save default selections/values to customize how I use it.  It has reliable processing which reduces frustration and provides confidence in the results.

MultiWalk supports two of my passions – automation and trading.  While the capabilities and complexity of MultiWalk have expanded from MultiOpt, the process of strategy development is less demanding on the user.  Using such a great tool to automate much of the time consuming algo trading work makes the process more enjoyable.

B. "Buck" Buckingham

South Carolina, USA

MultiWalk is better because it evolved from the MultiOpt and matured. New features I like, include, simplified operational process, ability to stop/resume process or batch, custom session template by symbol, usage of algo blocks. I tried similar concept of algo blocks with MultiOpt but failed to make it work. The software dramatically reduced my development and testing time. 

Alex S.

Virginia, USA

I am running huge tests that run 12+ hours and am getting far more possible survivors to Monte Carlo test using MultiWalk. I cant imagine doing even 5% of that by hand. Honestly every time I see someone doing the hard never-ending work by the hands or spreadsheet, I feel very sorry for them. I am working on strategy development as well as running my company, so this way I am searching/testing very efficiently.  In case someone is reading this, buying MultiWalk is a nobrainer!

Tomáš Uher

Czech Republic

Compared to MultiOpt, the speed of execution is much faster with MultiWalk.  Also, I really like the enhanced features and performance of the reporting section.  MultiWalk has saved me hundreds of hours.  I mostly appreciate the mind-boggling efficiency of computational power and very smooth operation, given the complexity and vast quantities of data involved.  I also appreciate the log file that details what is going on with the software.  Dave is truly an amazing developer. 

U. Kang

Minnesota, USA

Multiwalk enables me to test a lot of strategies very efficiently. It would take me countless hours to do this manually. Multiwalk has dramatically accelerated my journey in Algo trading. It frees up a lot of my time to explore new strategies and to focus on other issues in my trading business. I also use MultiWalk Trader which means I can queue up a batch of tests and can have these testing new strategies almost all the time, especially using the Data Prefetch feature.

In Multiwalk, it’s possible to download data using the Data Prefetch function to test strategies offline. This means system testing can be carried out on spare computers that may be lying around. Only one TS login is required.
I like that the strategy performance results are the same as in Tradestation. In Multiopt the results were not the same because of a different calculation method. There’s a lot more performance data shown in the results screen once a walkforward optimization test has been run. This saves importing the new strategy into TS if you just want to have a quick look. Also the P&L data can be copied and pasted into the Strategy Factory MonteCarlo spreadsheet for further analysis.
I like that it’s possible to stop and restart a project without having to start the whole project from the beginning which wasn’t possible in MultiOpt.
It’s possible to efficiently run many instances of MultiWalk at once which saves a lot of time in the testing testing process if only one session is used at a time..
Greg B.

Sydney, Australia

MuliWalk is a better user experience compared to MultiOpt. It is faster and more robust. It has significantly more functionality and large amount of beta testing on different systems and strategies.
I like being able to stop and restart runs is a massive time saver, especially when there are crashes or backups or other reasons the run may be stopped or may need to stop.
I love being able to run multiple strategies based on fixed and variable inputs. This is a big favourite as it saves me from having to build multiple runs when I want a static input to change to something else specific for each run.
MultiWalk has helped my algo development with its ability to test multiple symbols and timeframes and also to be able to rerun using the same setup/inputs.
Shaun L.

I have a dedicated machine that does nothing but run three instances of MultiWalk with Algo Building Blocks. This has allowed me to test over 1000 strategies in the past 18 months. Insane! MultiWalk has saved me years of work and has been crucial to accelerating my confidence in the strategy development process.

P. Espenschade

Maine, USA

MultiWalk adds a lot of improvements over MultiOpt. MultiWalk lets you have fixed parameters with the Algo Building Blocks feature. This makes it easier to test variants of a strategy.

It also lets you resume a project run if something goes wrong, that’s the best! As a MultiOpt user, having the possibility of naturally importing my old projects to MultiWalk is a great feature.

Data prefetch lets you download your data and run your projects offline. That’s one of my favorite features.

I also love the strategy performance chart. This displays a lot of information, such as up-to-date margin values and gives the ability to copy-and-paste the trades list into Excel.

MultiWalk Trader allows you to update your strategies as a batch. Just add your strategies to the list and run. This is my other favorite feature!

MultiWalk save me a ton of time in the strategy development life cycle. It’s a straightforward process for Strategy Factory students and with data prefetch you can parallelize your optimization and walkforward in as many computers as you have. That’s awesome!

P. Trindade

Parque del Plata, Canelones, Uruguay

In working with Dave, I have found him responsive, and to produce a quality product.
Thomas H.


MultiWalk has helped me create roughly 60~70 strategies that I am currently tracking that have ret/dd > 2.0.  Of those 65 I can probably say maybe 10 I’ve made myself?  The 50 or 60 others are because I found a strategy that someone wrote for some index/commodity, dumped it into MW and found another tradeable market and timeframe or two that it worked well on, and often times better than the original! My favorite aspect of MultiWalk will forever be the optimization of things I wouldn’t want to do or really be able to do otherwise.

E. Frissell

Michigan, USA

After attending Kevin Davey’s Strategy Factory Workshop, I found MultiWalk to be a transformative addition to my toolkit. Seamlessly extending Kevin’s principles, it not only adds depth to my strategy development and back-testing but also boasts multi-core and multi-threaded capabilities. These features have significantly sped up my project run times, allowing for strategic pauses and assessments. The efficiency it offers in robustly and swiftly testing a myriad of strategies is truly astounding. It’s evident that MultiWalk was crafted with the trader in mind, and I believe every algo trader would greatly benefit from its use.
Gary M.

In case of a data interruption MultiWalk continues to perform whereas within MultiOpt you have to run all over again from the beginning. This avoids a lot of frustration. Furthermore, MultiWalk allows you to fix variables. The feature saves you a lot of time going through the settings. The workflow in MultiWalk is more logical. The equity curve from MultiWalk and Tradestation are more likely to match and there are more detailed measures within MultiWalk.

My favorite feature in MultiWalk is Fixed variables [Algo Building Blocks/Fixed Parameter module]. This allows you to save even more time.

MultiWalk allows you to quickly test a lot of ideas. The big benefit of this is that you have not invest a lot of time into an idea and you do not get married with the idea. It is easy to abandon working on an idea you were very confident in it would work.

As a final comment I would like to add that the support from Dave is outstanding. Given the idea he is operating all alone and the detailed support he is able to give, it absolutely helps all the users of the tool and they should be very happy with this kind of support.


The Netherlands

This Software is amazing; it takes the most boring job from you when developing strategies – the manual testing and changing multiple settings to get a “qualified” strategy for your algotrading. More important for me than the software is the person which stands behind the product – Dave has all skills and knowledge what an algotrader needs, to develop a tool which is really helping your in your daily job in developing strategies.

Additional, although I can imagine he is always quite busy, he is also responding to questions, and even to most simple user mistakes; so he is always here to help; you never get stuck alone in an issue.

Big Big THANK YOU for all the help!

Markus K.


MultiWalk is much Faster, Flexible, and takes Way less disk usage than MultiOpt. I love it’s information flow, ability to pause and resume [a project]. It has helped me churn way more strategies compared.
K. Gajjar

Washington, USA

Love all the changes and upgrades made to MW! It’s pretty ground breaking seeing all the changes that have been made from the original MO… (such as) batch operations, and as a result automation of many of the steps that you used to have to do one by one in MultiOpt. Also, Multiwalk allows you to resume projects if your internet connection went out and has more fitness functions i.e(sharpe ratio, sortino, etc.) for walkforward testing. There are also more performance stats to evaluate your strategies i.e (Win Rate %, % of time in market, etc.)

Southern California, USA

MultiOpt has transformed the way I design, develop, and test trading strategies across various markets and bar sizes. It has saved hundreds of hours of manual effort and uncovered new trading ideas for me. I find Dave’s expertise in software development and foresight for user needs integrated seamlessly in MultiOpt. His prompt, friendly, and to-the-point responses to my questions help me use MultiOpt to its fullest potential. With MultiOpt’s capabilities and Dave’s approachability, I see myself progressing well as a rule-based trader.


California, USA

I have only been doing this since May 2020 and I purchased Multiopt in June. This amazing software has allowed me to plow through 60 different strategies, each with about 3-4 variations of exits and has yielded 11 strategies that I am incubating right now. Dave is a master programmer, and he has also helped me get the most out of the software whenever I had a question. It may be the best money I’ve ever spent.

Brandon K.

California, USA

I can tell you as a beginner here and a very skeptical person that MultiOpt saved me hundreds of hours of work. I need to find one good strategy and this is helping. I don’t care if 1000 of my ideas bomb… Nice job Dave, your work is amazing!

Two weeks later…

What I just did in 5 minutes used to take me almost a whole day! Thanks! You’re fantastic!

Two months later…

I’m having a great time with your MultiOpt… I’ve found so many programs [strategies] to submit to the club with many left over for my private incubation! Thanks, thanks, thanks!

Berkeley W.

Jena, Germany

My Man, when do you EVER sleep? 🙂 This new version and options are mind-blowing! Thank you!

Alan B.

Michigan, USA

I’ve read through your documentation and can’t imagine the number of development hours you must have in this. It’s such a polished piece of software and the way you have automated Kevin’s methodology is remarkable. I just watched your two videos on your new version of MultiOpt. I’ve watched hundreds of training videos and you do the very best instructional videos I’ve ever seen.
John D.

Arizona, USA

I’m loving Multiopt!! I think to get three working strategies without Multiopt would have taken me at least another 6 months. I might have quit from sheer frustration.
Colin C.

California, USA

Thank you again for your great work with MO. It has saved me hundreds of hours of work and thousands of clicks to have all those tasks automated.
Antonio J.


I now have 38 strategies that are/have (1) logically consistent and make sense from a market psychology perspective, (2) simple and as concise as possible, (3) passed simulated incubation as of 1/1/2019. So I want to first offer you a MASSIVE THANK YOU for creating Multiopt, as this work would’ve taken a million years without it.
Mark J.

New York City, USA

It would be hard to go back to not having it [MultiWalk], worth every penny and more. A long time ago I had tried out a software called “Unfair Advantage”, MultiOpt would have made better use of the name 🙂
Jason D.

Florida, USA

I just want to say I love your tool and think you are a genius. Honestly this is fantastic.
Ryan M.

Pennsylvania, USA

What a wonderful tool you have built. With this addition of montecarlo it has become more useful and what a time saver. Kudos to you. I don’t know how you guys tested before multiopt.
Zumran H.

Indiana, USA

I took the Strategy Factory workshop by Kevin Davey and he suggested that we get MultiOpt, a testing software that he himself uses. Mult Opt is a time saver allowing me to test my strategies on multiple time frames and a myriad of symbols without much of an effort. It is actually a very easy piece of software to learn and use. Dave has created a video tutorial that guides you step by step. Dave is very responsive to questions or comments and is a very likable person. It really is a no brainer acquisition.
Lydie T.

California, USA

MultiOpt has been one of my best and most cost effective and acquisitions so far. I will be using MO as my “go to” application on all my strategy developments from preliminary through to walkforward tests up to incubation and live trading. It has been the best thing I found for automating my development process without overfitting when properly used. Look forward to having Dave’s next applications as part of my algo trader’s toolkit!
Alberto C.

Sydney, Australia

I am a new student with Kevin’s SF. I’ve watched your tutorial videos and webinar, as well as read through the manual. I think you have a fantastic product and I’m really excited to start using it!
Dustin H.

I absolutely love your program. Makes life so much easier. Plus everything works so smoothly. Great piece of software.
Robbert Z

I’ve enjoyed very much using MO and signing up with SFW and purchasing MO are the best investments I’ve ever had.
Daniel O.
Daniel O.

Thanks for the wonderful application that you have created, it has been a great help with the entire process.
Janus H.

I’m LOV’N the new version of MultiOpt! I SERIOUSLY can’t think of doing research without MO!!!!!!
Alan B.

This is pretty killer, really nice job! I work in the Software industry (I run Customer Success for a 75 person company) so I know that you have put a ton of work into this, it really did come out fantastically. And while running it through its paces, I created a pretty good Crude system out of Kevin’s 30 min gold system. 🙂 This is going to be so helpful me, thank you! I was literally doing a lot of this by hand. Thanks so much!
Mark H.

Thanks for a really informative tutorial and users manual, the software is really powerful and will spare me a lot of hours for manual walk forward testing…
Hans J.

Multiopt is amazing. Easy to use… faster than TS walkforward… I’ve been impressed.
Shuan L.

What an amazing software, sincerest congratulations again from the bottom of my heart!!!
Jem Y.

Thank you Dave, Multiopt is a great piece of software. It certainly simplifies the Walk Forward process.
Bill S.

First of all I’d like to thank you for this brilliant piece of work. MultiOpt now is the top application I use on my PC. Now I can focus on ideas, rather routine testing. Thanks a lot for saving us time.
Roman Z.