There are two license levels: MultiWalk and MultiWalk Pro. See the chart comparison between MultiWalk and MultiWalk Pro and visit the product page for detailed descriptions of both versions.

MultiWalk and MultiWalk Pro come with a lifetime license, lifetime updates and NO subscription term.

Purchase methods:

  • Revolut (send to @davemultiwalk, this is the best low-cost option for Interational purchases)
  • Wire transfer (please email me for instructions)
  • Zelle (send to dave@multiwalk.net, divide payment across multiple days depending on your daily limit)
  • PayPal’s portal below using either credit card or PayPal.

PayPal offers payment plans, but apparently they are somewhat arbitrary about it.   Click “Pay Later” button (if displayed) to see what plans will be offered to you.  Otherwise just select which option works best for you at checkout. If you have any questions about payments or purchases please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Please review refund policy before purchase.

You are using a phone or tablet. Please scroll down to view BOTH purchase links.  The first is for MultiWalk and the second is for MultiWalk Pro.