MultiWalk Change Log


Nov 15 Release

  • TradeStation Update 72 introduced a bug into their report column objects.  If the column title is changed after the column is created or the columns are cleared in certain situations, the entire TS platform CRASHES.  This works correctly in previous TS releases.  I have implemented a workaround to avoid these situations that trigger this TS bug.
  • Replaced Data Prefetch help text with formatted text window to conform to other MW help windows. 

Nov 7 2023 Release

  • If pre-filter (using limited feasibility tests) was enabled for the project, pre-filter tasks during optimization were saving results even if an optimization error occurred. If an optimization error occurs during the pre-filter/limited feasibility stage of a project’s run, results for that particular pre-filter task will not be saved and effectively be removed from the project’s limited feasibility results.
  • Developer screen tab is now available for all users.  Originally, the developer options were only enabled for beta testers.  Now that beta testing has concluded, you can enable this tab if needed using the “Enable Debugging/Developer Screen Tab” on the Settings->General screen.
  • More Limit Fill options have been added to Developer screen.  DO NOT change the default from the required Strategy Factory setting unless you have very good reason to do so.


Oct 31 2023 Release

  • This release will create a temporary MultiWalk Pro license for ALL MultiOpt users.  It can be used during the month of November.
  • While I was testing the optimization process for the official release, I was printing a description of each optimization task to the log file/window display.  This caused a long delay (potentially up to several minutes) when starting the optimization tasks for large projects.  This has been removed.
  • The MULTIWALK USER FUNCTIONS.ELD distributed in the previous release was created with TS Update 71.  The ELD may cause earlier versions of TradeStation to crash when imported.  The ELDs in this release have been created with TS Update 65 (base).
  • Walkforward in/out periods text box on Settings->Walkforward now updates the total count display when leaving the periods text box, whether you hit [enter] or not.
  • If a fixed input parameter was disabled in an Algo Building Block project, it defaulted to zero.  A safe value of “1” is used now instead to avoid divide-by-zero issues in strategies.

Oct 26 2023 Release

  • Temporary beta licenses were not being copied from beta program folder to production program folder.  This meant that MultiWalk ran in trial mode for previous beta users.  License is now copied from beta to production.

Oct 24 2023 Release

  • First official, non-beta version.
  • Calendar in/out period types (such as 1Y/6M, 2Y/3W, etc.) and Trade Count in/out period type (such as 50T/3M) have been fully implemented and tested.  (See this knowledge base article on their use))  There were several issues corrected, so if you have walkforward strategies using these, you will need to regenerate the walkforward strategy code.
  • Thank you everyone who participated in the impromptu survey asking about non-US date format considerations.  Out of over 30 responses, 57% of non-US users indicated to use “12/31/2023” date format everywhere, while 27% did not have a preference and 16% preferred having “Dec 12 2023” the date format.  While there is a majority in favor of “12/31/2023”, I like to facilitate everyone when I can, so have decided to create an option that will allow you to toggle the date formats.  The default will be mm/dd/yyyy since the majority wanted that format, but others can change this on the Settings->General screen and then simply save the settings as the default so that it will remain persistent when you create new MultiWalk projects.
  • MultiChart functions have been updated for increased cross-platform compatibility between TradeStation and MultiCharts.  They have been renamed from MultiCharts[function_name] to MultiWalk[function_name].  If you have used the functions I named “MultiCharts” in your strategies (such as MultiChartsCloseD, MultiChartsHighD, etc.), please start to use the “MultiWalk” versions instead (MultiWalkCloseD, MultiWalkHighD, etc.).  These functions will be available in the MultiWalk Pro Pack.  See this article for more information.
  • When verifying a profect (Settings->Project Files/Folders->Verify Project), the project configuration file will be saved before verification instead of after verification.
  • Margin rates are now included in the Walkforward strategy header source code.