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Important Announcement

MultiWalk Trader is currently being provided “as-is”. My original intention was to create a fully supported strategy management product, but my intention quickly came up against the wall of my personal time limitations and I was not able to add another product to my work load.

However, due to numerous requests, MultiWalk Trader batch operation is being made available as unsupported software for a nominal cost. I will generally not be able to answer questions concerning MultiWalk Trader, but will attend to any necessary, periodic bug fixes.

The batch operation of MultiWalk Trader can be used for a variety of purposes, such as:

  • Run multiple MultiWalk projects in a batch queue — when one project finishes, the next immediately begins.
  • Manage a collection of MultiWalk projects/strategies (typically for live or sim trading)
  • Produce combined walkforward results from all MultiWalk projects in the collection
  • Track upcoming re-optimizations using the walkforward report and generate/display new EL code for walkforward parameters
  • Track performance of all strategies on one consolidated walkforward report

There is some online documentation for MultiWalk Trader, but hopefully most of it is self explanatory.

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