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MultiWalk Developer Options

As I developed MultiWalk, there were several options I used to test various facets of the system.  I grouped them together on one screen — the Developer Options screen.  During the two years of beta testing, I made this screen available to beta testers in order to enable the DLL log output and other options if needed.  Once I made the official release, I made this screen available to everyone using the following toggle:

When this option is enabled, you will see a new tab: Developer.

I used many of these options when debugging and developing MultiWalk’s walkforward engine.  They can produce files that give you more information about the walkforward process happening “under-the-hood”.

For example, the first option, “Create walkforward DETAILED information output files” will create individual CSV files (named “DetailedInfo”) in the “Walkforward Files” folder for every symbol/time frame walkforward.  I used this file to debug the walkforward process when I wrote MultiWalk.  It details every step of the walkforward IS/OOS process.

Load the particular file you want in Excel to review a synopsis of the walkforward and a table of each in/out walkforward period.

Be careful using these options, though, especially if you do not understand the ramifications of enabling them!



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