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Transferring A MultiWalk Project Back To MultiOpt

To convert your MultiWalk project to MultiOpt:

  1. Go to your MultiWalk project folder
  2. Copy MultiWalkSetup.txt to MultiOptSetup.txt
  3. In TradeStation, add MultiOpt to a workspace
  4. In MultiOpt, go to Settings->Files/Folders and click Import Settings
  5. Navigate to the MultiWalk project folder that now has MultiOptSetup.txt file and import:

The only part that has not been made backward compatible with MultiOpt are the optimized variable names and ranges.  They will be blank.  You will need to re-enter those into the project:

New configuration settings specific to MultiWalk will be ignored by MultiOpt.  Legacy settings only appropriate to MultiOpt have been maintained in the MultiWalk configuration for backwards compatibility.


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