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Installing Your MultiWalk License Key File

Your key file will have your name in the filename with the extension “.lic” such as “MultiWalkLicense (your-name).lic”.  Please follow these steps to install your MultiWalk license key file.

1. If you have not already done so, click here to download MultiWalk.

2. Copy the key file to the MultiWalk Program folder.  The default location is C:\MultiWalk\Program, or whatever location you chose when you installed MultiWalk.

3. Exit any instances of MultiWalk and re-load them.

If you wish to confirm your license, you can view your license on the MultiWalk About screen.

If you receive any license errors, please confirm the your TradeStation Custmer Number matches your MultiWalk license.

In MultiWalk, click “About” tab:

In TradeStation, click Help -> About TradeStation:

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