MultiWalk Pro Bonuses

Bonuses -- $873 value!

  • Bonus #1 – Intraday 30-min Copper Strategy vetted by Strategy Factory Club ($495 value)
  • Bonus #2 – MultiWalk Rollover Monitor ($249 value)
  • Bonus #3 – Kevin Davey’s 2023 Back To School Entries and Exits MultiWalk Algo Building Blocks Project ($129 value)

Intraday 30-min Copper Strategy

Using price bands and seasonality trends, this strategy minimizes time in the market while maintaining profitable performance. Full EasyLangauge code is disclosed.  It was submitted to the Strategy Factory Club, successfully passed and continues to excel to this day.

MultiWalk Rollover Monitor

Managing and updating many symbol charts to monitor rollovers became tedious.  I was in conversation with Florent Cogneaux ( one day and mentioned that I had written a light-weight indicator to attach to the charts that made monitoring rollovers easier and less stressful on TS.  I sent him the source code.  He took that and sent it back as a TradingApp.  Vast improvement!  No more charts! We began collaborating on the project and created this rollover monitor.  I integrated it with MultiWalk to make it auto-installing.  It uses MultiWalk’s symbol files to make populating monitored symbols easy.  With his generous permission, I am pleased to offer it as a bonus for MultiWalk Pro users.

This bonus requires a MultiWalk Pro license.


Kevin Davey's 2023 Back To School Entries and Exits

In August 2023, Kevin gave a 4 part video series.  On two of the days he shared his research on entries and exits that work in today’s markets.  This MultiWalk Algo Building BLocks project combines all entries and exits discussed in the video series and mix-and-matches all the various permutations.  It uses the symbols and bar intervals identified by his research as top performers for these entries and exits.  This project also demonstrates the power of MultiWalk’s building blocks feature!

This bonus requires a MultiWalk Pro license.