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MultiWalk Beta Testing

Thank You!

Thank you, my fellow Beta Testers, for your commitment and collaboration in developing MultiWalk with me over the years! As MultiWalk meets your diverse machine environments and configurations, it continues to gain strength, stability and flexibility. Your time, effort and feedback are invaluable in growing MultiWalk’s analytical capabilities, user-experiences, and algo-trading applications.

As of November 1, 2023, the first non-beta release was made and the previous two year beta cycle of MultiWalk came to a close.  There will probably be future beta releases, but it may be some time before we need the intense beta testing cycles that was required for MultiOpt’s re-write.  If you do have interest in potential future beta releases, please see the following Registration section and let me know.


Availability of beta products are limited to those users who have purchased a User License for that product. If you wish to become a beta tester for any of the MultiWalk-Beta releases, please email me at support@multiwalk.net.

Download and Installation

Introduction to MultiWalk Beta and General Release Notes

The following introduction document has important information concerning MultiWalk Beta. It includes MultiOpt migration instructions, an introduction to the many features of MultiWalk and more. If you are new to this beta release, please review this document.

Change Log

The change log details specific changes for each release.  Click here to review changes for each release.


The first release in the following list is the most current. Historical releases are provided if you wish to fall back to a previous version.

Install MultiWalk-Beta using the Setup.exe application. When MultiWalk-Beta installation is complete, you will see it as a new TradingApp in TradeStation. MultiWalk-Beta will not remove or overwrite your existing MultiWalk (production release) TradingApp. You will have both MultiWalk-Beta and MultiWalk as separate TradingApps in TradeStation.

Importing Legacy MultiOpt or MultiWalk Projects

If you wish to run an existing MultiWalk project in MultiWalk-Beta (e.g. to test or use new features), open MultiWalk-Beta in a new workspace and import the existing MultiWalk Setup using the Settings –> Project Files/Folders –> Import Project Setup feature.

If you wish to run a legacy MultiOpt project in MultiWalk-Beta, use the above method and import the existing MultiOpt Setup.

Reporting Problems

There are two output files that I use to diagnose software issues:

  1. LogMessages output file (always created)
  2. DLLDebug output file (only created if I request you to enable the DLL output option)
LogMessages File

The log messages file is automatically created on every MultiWalk project run.  If a MultiWalk feature does not work correctly, generates an error message or actually crashes, please e-mail me (dave@multiwalk.net) the LogMessages.txt file for that project as an attachment.

You can locate this file from Settings –> Project Files/Folders –> Open Project Folder or from your MultiWalk project path (e.g. C:\MultiWalk\Projects\MyNewProject\LogMessages.txt).

DLL Debug File

In some situations, I may ask you to enable the DLL Debug option.  This will generate additional diagnostic information not found in the LogMessages file.

When using this option, please send the DLL Debug output file after you run the project and BEFORE you run any other projects.  The DLL Debug output file is erased at the beginning of a project run.

Also, there may be TWO DLL debug files — DLLDebug-multiwalk and DLLDebug-multiwalkstrategy.  Please send BOTH files if they are created.

Sending the Log File

These files may be too large to attach to an e-mail.  If so, you can either compress it using ZIP or send it via a file transfer service, such as wetransfer.com (click “I just want to send a file”, no account necessary).

Once received, I will use the LogMessages.txt or DLL Debug output file to examine, reproduce and resolve the technical issue.

Developer Options

A Developer tab in MultiWalk-Beta hosts a number of settings that can help in error-reporting, evaluation and resolution. You will not need to change default settings unless I request you to do so for a specific error that you have encountered.

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